Conversations for Caring: Autism Across the Lifespan

Wednesday, October 9, 1-2:30 p.m.
Hogan Regional Center Auditorium, 450 Maple Street, Danvers

Psychosis: How to Recognize it, and How to Help

Tuesday, September 17, 1-2:30 p.m.
Northern Essex Community College, 100 Elliot St., Haverhill, MA

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Mental Health Issues in Prison Ministry: a seminar

Saturday, August 10, 10 a.m.-noon
Danvers Church of the Nazarene, 181 Dayton St., Danvers

Our first seminar this year will be presented by Dr. Tom Petersen. As a psychologist and long-time prison and aftercare ministry volunteer, he is uniquely qualified to speak on this topic. This is Tom’s introduction to the seminar:

“Our efforts to reach and disciple men and women affected by incarceration can be challenged by a variety of mental health issues that are common to the population we serve. These are often a source of frustration in establishing and maintaining a healthy relationship with these men and women.

“This seminar intends to educate concerned members of the Body of Christ about the various kinds of problems (e.g., trauma, mood disorders, anxiety disorders, sociopathy, borderline personality, learning disabilities, cognitive impairment) commonly encountered in prison ministry.

“Special  emphases will be placed on understanding what the individual is ‘up against’ that interferes with their efforts to live a ‘new life’ in Christ, and on advice about managing boundaries and other aspects of the discipling relationship.”

We encourage anyone involved in prison or aftercare ministry to attend this FREE presentation. You will not only be more equipped for the work at hand, but you will be edified by the opportunity to fellowship with others who are serving on this mission field, as well,

The seminar is officially starting at 10:00 AM, but we will be serving coffee at 9:30 AM. It’s easy to register by clicking here >>> REGISTER NOW!