Daniel Fast Study Group

Monday evenings during Lent, 4-7:30 p.m.
St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church, in the Graham Suite, 74 South Common St. Lynn

Weekly Meetings, Mondays

We will gather again this year Monday nights during Lent 2019  to learn more about eating the healthiest foods available and “fasting” or refraining from foods that do no serve us as spiritual, mindful beings. We will share a VEGETARIAN supper each week which will consist of a simple salad composed of whatever people contribute each week. 

Every week we also will have:  food demonstrations (like how to sprout lentils)  +  Bible Study regarding Daniel and instances of Biblical fasting in the Old and New Testaments + nutritional discussion or video

Each week please bring:  1) a vegetable, nut, or fruit item, or other whole food ingredient to add to a salad (olive oil, sprouts, sesame seeds, etc.) or a whole vegetarian dish if you wish to contribute to a larger community meal. 2) Fork, Knife & Spoon each week.
3) Please bring a cloth napkin or kitchen towel to the first meeting. 

Time, Location and RSVP

We will meet from 4 pm to 7 pm (proposed location Graham Suite at St. Stephen’s Church on S. Common Street, Lynn. Rear Entrance)

Call Samantha at 978-530-7633 to confirm and RSVP if you are planning to participate. New members welcome at any time.   We are meeting earlier this year. Well-behaved children Grade 2 and up who appreciate veggies are most welcome to accompany an adult relative. 


4:00 pm People arrive, meet and greet, “new food” snack tasting
4:15 food preparation demonstration, and/or nutritional talk/video                                                                5:00 pm salad prep and assembly
5:30 pm Prayer over the food and supper is served
6:00 pm Bible Study
6:30 Nutritional Discussion
7:00 pm Closing Prayer, followed by clean up, and exit by 7:30

Who would benefit?

People seeking to create habits of mindful eating; people interested in weight management; those who often dine alone and would benefit from company; those who wish to participate in Lenten season group practice; survivors of chronic health issues seeking nutritional support; anyone interested in healthy nutrition. People who wonder What would Jesus eat?  Maybe YOU!

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