250 Beds for 250 Kids

Last year the Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless gave 360 new twin beds to students in Lynn who did not have a bed of their own as part of A Bed for Every Child Initiative.  I am inviting the Lynn Churches to participate in the 250 Beds for 250 Kids by Christmas Campaign.   I hope that many of our Churches will participate, since so many children in Lynn have benefitted from this program.  Here is the link to a YouTube Video: https://youtu.be/udbJivbMr2A

Use these inserts for your church:  Bed For Every Child

Please contact Sister Linda Bessom SND,  781-595-7570 x 18 or linda@mahomeless.org, if you are interested in participating.

Sister Bessom


We went way beyond the 250 Beds for 250 Kids by Christmas, and are now in the 300’s.  The Coalition tries to raise funds to distribute 1500 beds a year, so this is on-going.  Each bed costs $250.

ON-LINE LINK:  http://www.bedforeverychildma.org/referral-form

Robyn Frost is in charge of this program:  781-595-7570 x 12.

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